Delivering for our customers without fail

We take pride in delivering time and time again with a super-reliable high-quality service for our customers around the world.

Over the years we have built up a strong track record on this front and despite the extreme challenges of COVID-19 in 2020, we were determined not to let any of our customers down.

Take for example, the complex operations of the various Puma Energy customers around the Panama Canal. If you picture the Canal, the chances are you see great big cargo ships moving slowly and steadily along this vital artery connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Indeed, every year thousands of ships carry billions of dollars’ worth of cargo along the Canal.

But look a little more closely and you will see tugboats, large cranes, dredgers and other small boats carrying out critical tasks that keep international trade flowing.

These craft and the people who operate them are the unsung heroes of the story. Over the years, we have been proud to provide the fuel so they can continue carrying out their vital role – and with our help, this exceptionally challenging year was no exception. As a safety measure during the pandemic for example, we were happy to deliver fuel from our storage terminal to our various customers’ facilities using our trucks. This meant customers no longer had to have their own trucks and drivers coming to our terminal to pick up fuel.

We were also able to keep physical contact to the minimum and customer service to the maximum with the help of our ePuma tool. Launched in Panama in 2018, ePuma means we can work closely with our customers electronically, for example to manage upcoming orders. It’s quicker, more efficient, and in these days of COVID-19, safer too.

Enrico Ferrari

This is one of those situations where the focus is on ensuring we provide essential service and support day after day, so that our customers can concentrate on their core operations.

Enrico Ferrari Commercial