Playing our part in the future of energy

Decarbonised, decentralised and digitised – the future of energy is full of change and opportunity. At Puma Energy, we are determined to play a leading part in this across our high-potential markets.

With the creation of our Future Energies business unit, we are playing a key role in the energy transition across Africa, Asia and the Americas. The opportunities for Future Energies to increase energy access, responsibly, are immense. We will help customers and communities enjoy affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

We are investing in solar projects within our own assets, focusing on reducing the carbon footprint of our operations, reducing energy costs and most importantly, showcasing our capabilities to external customers, learning and improving as we go. In 2020, we began building out the first phase of this pipeline of projects in Puerto Rico, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Nicaragua and Honduras.

We have set ourselves the target of deploying solar and/or battery storage at 75% or more of our company owned and operated retail sites, depots and terminals by 2023, saving up to 12,000MT CO2 per annum. One of these sites is El Carrizal, Honduras where Future Energies installed a 35kW rooftop solar solution.

Together with solar installations in our own assets, we have engaged with our commercial customers to offer solutions that will help with their energy transition. We are working alongside governments to support them as they prepare their energy transitions with emerging policies and regulatory frameworks. By removing barriers, we aim to promote investment in clean, distributed energy solutions that will increase electrification rates sustainably.

This is just the beginning – for our customers, our communities and our company, the future of energy is bright.